floor-standing rack 19″ cabinet 22U 600x800mm bon prix en vente au cameroun

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The overall installation height is 22U. It is 600mm wide and 800mm deep. STLFSC-22U-68-GSG is made of cold-rolled steel. The thickness of individual elements is 1.0mm to 2.0mm, which translates into a load-carrying capacity of 800kg. At the front, it has a glazed door with a thermally-toughened safety window, 5mm thick. The rear section is closed by a full steel door. The doors are fitted with locks and can be mounted on the right or left side. The side panels made of full steel are mounted on latches and can be additionally protected against opening with the use of optional locks. The rack cabinet is provided with brake wheels and adjustable feet. Cables can be inserted through grommets located in the top and bottom panels. On top, there is a ventilation panel supplied with four 120mm fans.

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